The essay is a text written as a prose that describes, analyzes or comments with a certain depth on a historical, scientific, literary or political subject, among others. It shows the following characteristics:

– Liberty: this characteristic is reflected not only in the choice of the subject, but also in the structure of the essay.

– Shortness: since it’s only one subject, the essay tends to be brief.

-Personal interpretation: usually, the essay contains the author’s subjective nature, and the way in which he treats the subject reflects his personal critical judgment.

– Pleasant style: the presentation of a subject should be made in a pleasant, active and attractive way for the reader.




According to the author’s communicative intentions, essays can be classified as expository, argumentative, critical and poetic.

The expository essay, as its name says, exposes ideas on a subject, presenting information around it and putting into context this information along with the author’s interpretation and his interesting personal thoughts about the subject matter.

The argumentative essay defends a thesis with arguments that can be based on citations or references, concrete data from research, history, politics or other epistemological bases.

The critical essay describes or analyzes a fact, event, work or situation, issuing a judgment.

The poetic essay expresses the author’s sensitivity, using literary language.

What characterizes an essay is that its interpretation can be: psycholinguistic, with elements like: analysis, hierarchy, macro-propositional and semantic models. And, sociolinguistic elements such as: author (source and filters), and text (linguistic keys, fingerprints and superstructure).


  • Mention the main characteristics of an essay.
  • Write down the different types of essays and explain each one.
  • Why is it said that the essay is a type of argumentative text? Explain.
  • Mention the way in which the essay is structured, according to the explanation given in class by your teacher.
  • Write a critical essay about the image that alludes to deception and time.

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